Laser Welding Services

Laser Welding

With over 30 years of experience, Chicago Welding & Fabrication is an industry leader in laser welding services. Our laser technicians’ vast experience makes them knowledgeable in all aspects of laser welding – giving them the ability to determine what process will work most effectively to minimize cost and downtime.

Our state-of-the-art machinery coupled with the most skilled laser technicians in the industry ensure complete repair on your parts.  With over 100,000 laser jobs (from across the US) completed over the last 15 years, we have become the premier laser service provider and the proven choice for a wide variety of industries. Whether for repairing a die, welding a medical device, or for many difficult situations when micro-welding or traditional TIG welding cannot do the job, laser welding is the ideal process.  

Chicago Welding & Fabrication is equipped with five laser welding machines, including the newest 300-watt laser welder available on the market. This large laser capacity uniquely gives us the ability to provide complete, large laser welding services to customers that they can’t obtain elsewhere.  We can provide expedited, same day service on most work and 24 turn around on almost all laser work. Our laser capacity allows us to offer laser production welding, which is becoming much more common. 

The benefits of laser welding are significant and directly increase our customers’ productivity while reducing their costs:


Laser welding is an effective welding process to repair a variety of situations. The laser welding process is also ideal for repairing polished, textured and engraved surfaces, thin walls, sharpen parting line edges with no warping, repair shut-offs, handle engineering changes, water leaks, EDM arcing, broken cutters, cutter gouges, and engraving changes.

Detailed Welding Applications

Laser welding has the capability to deliver weld beads as small as .003. This precise technique reduces finishing time and re-machining, thus increasing our customers’ productivity.   Laser welding provides extremely precise control of the weld location within a few thousands of an inch away from areas that are not to be disturbed. Welded surfaces can be easily cleaned and smoothed after treatment – reducing re-machining costs and downtime.

Minimal Heat

Laser welding has the ability to produce the necessary energy required for melting metal within 1/1000 sec. Therefore, there is minimal heating of the part, creating a low “heat affected zone” (HAZ) resulting in minimal weld sink, low distortion and little discoloration of the part and weld like most micro and TIG welding.

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