Micro Welding/TIG Welding

Micro Welding

Micro Welding Services

Micro-welding is the ideal process for small, intricate welds that can’t be performed using normal TIG welding, such as areas too large for laser welding, and areas where it is necessary to reduce the risk of warping in the heat affected zone.  The system uses gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) with a microscope for up-close vision. The low amperage inputs and small diameter wires decrease warping on the heat affected zone (HAZ) on thin inserts and cores.

All micro-TIG welding jobs are pre-heated to ensure the best quality welding.  The cost of micro-welding is less than having to remake or rebuild a damaged part.

Benefits of Micro-Welding:

  • 5-6 times faster on average than laser welding – lower cost
  • The process utilizes a microscope to provide welds as small as .010 – less machining
  • Provides smaller weld size to large surface areas – less impact to alloy properties

TIG Welding (GTAW)

TIG welding has always been the staple welding process critical to the performance of tools, dies, molds and inserts. The TIG welding process allows operators to control heat input and the amount and location of weld metal deposited. Tool and die welding typically involves building a larger surface area so that it can be re-machined to desired tolerances.

TIG Welding Services

Chicago Welding and Fabrication employs certified welders with over 80 combined years of micro and TIG welding experience.   We review the specs and recommend the best welding process (laser, micro or TIG) to cost effectively meet our customers’ needs.  This has been our approach for over 40 years! 

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