Value Added Machining

Brazing and Silver Soldering

Brazing and silver soldering are metal joining processes that produce a merging of materials by heating them to a specific temperature and using a filler metal.  The process for both is identical, except in silver soldering the filler metal used has a melting point below 840°F (450°C) and below the melting point of the base metal.  Brazing is most commonly used when working with cast iron.

Benefits of brazing and silver soldering:

  • Allows the joining of dissimilar metals
  • Minimization of heat distortion, and
  • Can reduce the need for extensive pre-heating
  • Since the metals joined are not melted in the process, the components retain their original shape; edges and contours are not eroded or changed by the formation of a fillet
  • Elimination of stored-up stresses that are often present in fusion welding, which is extremely important in the repair of large castings

Stress Relieving

By having your dies and molds stress relieved in our large capacity oven, it eliminates the residual stresses caused by machining, grinding, and making production parts. This process can stress relieve and normalize your tool and mold steels, reducing the risk of mold cracking.  Our furnace has operating capacities ranging from 200° F to 2200° F.

Local Pick and Delivery Service

We can increase your efficiency and reduce your downtime by picking up your work, performing the work and delivering it back – often during the same day!

In a rush? Send us your part via UPS/FedEx for morning delivery, and we’ll weld and send it out within 24 hours.

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